KD & FD series

Agitators Designed for Open or Low Pressure Vessels

The compact EKATO FD and KD agitators are designed for openvessels or those which operate at low pressure. Their robust design make them extremely reliable, evenwhen mixing media with high solid contents. Further advantages are the low overall height and the modular design which ensure maintenance at low cost and easy modification of the agitator, if necessary.


  • Key facts

    - Motor Power 1 - 15 HP

    - Shaft Diameter 1.57 – 3.94 inch

    - Operating Pressure Atmospheric – 45 psi

    - Impeller-Systems EKATO high efficiency VISCOPROP impellers

    - Standard material of construction for in-tank components is UNS 31635 (316SSti)


    Standard Design- Drive versions with flat- or bevel gearbox- Plate mounted. Additional Features- Strengthened bearing inside of the gearbox

  • FLUID-agitator FD series
    FLUID-agitator FD series
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